About BIJA


The British Indian Jewish Association (BIJA) seeks to develop and strengthen relations between the Indian and Jewish communities in the UK.

In particular, we seek:

  • To promote understanding and respect between Indians and Jews.

  • To work for the elimination of religious and racial prejudice, hatred and discrimination.

  • To promote a common agenda based on shared values and challenges.

We work with a wide cross-section of both the Indian and Jewish communities.

We are a registered charity in the UK - Charity number 1069502.


The Indian Jewish Association was formally established in 1996, when over 50 representatives from both communities established the Association.

The background was that, after two major seminars were held during the 1980s, it was realised that the two communities could benefit from sharing their experiences as important minorities in the UK, who are both proud of their particular identity as well as proud of being British.

By 1995 it was felt that the links between Indians and Jews should be put on a more permanent basis and on 28 April 1996, the key meeting took place which established the Association.

In 2020 the organisation was renamed to the British Indian Jewish Association (BIJA) to better represent the stated mission.